Pool Frog XL Pro - In-Line I.G. Package

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Pool Frog XL Pro - In-Line I.G. Package

Pool Frog XL Pro - In-Line I.G. Package
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Pool Frog XL Pro uses a mineral reservoir in one cycler and 7lb. Chlorine packs (chlorine pack sold separately) in the other for complete pool care with extended chlorine pac life over the regular in-ground pool frog. This allows you to have more fun with less maintenance. With minerals, the chlorine can be cut up to 50% over standard water treatment programs. This is a very convenient way of reducing chlorine use and hassle. The mineral cartridges kill bacteria and other organic compounds. The XL Pro does the work automatically while you and your family experience an endless summer.

* Convenient pre-filled mineral and chlorine packs * Control dials to adjust the right amount of sanitation * No messy mixing of chemicals or over powering of chlorine fumes * Less work, more time to enjoy your pool

Pool Frog XL Pro - In-Line I.G. Package

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