Barbarian 72" Fixed Height Acrylic Backboard

Barbarian 72" Fixed Height Acrylic Backboard

Barbarian 72" Fixed Height Acrylic Backboard
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Barbarian - 72" Fixed Height Acrylic Backboard

The Barbarian was developed to not only withstand the strongest slam dunks in the world, but also the young basketball stars of tomorrow. With the help of world class engineers, the Barbarian is the true world leader in basketball goal design and performance. The Barbarian has the ability to adjust from 5.5 feet (the lowest height of any goal available, perfect for young children!) to 10 feet with unmatched speed and ease (adjustable units only; fixed height systems assemble to standard 10 feet rim height). The full steel reinforced backboard and pivots provide a true solid rebound, with the least amount of vibration or shaking of any system made.

The Barbarian is powder coated with a Zinc powder coating and regular powder coating, giving it a clean, smooth look and feel, while also providing maximum protection against rust and weather-related damage. With its 1/2" thick clear acrylic or 1/2" tempered glass backboards, available in 40" x 60" and 42" x 72" sizes, break-away rims, protective safety pads on backboards and pole (padding is included), lifetime warrantee, and simple installation, the Barbarian is the strongest, safest, easiest, cleanest looking basketball system ever made.

To provide a sleek looking appearance, we hid the height adjustment mechanism inside the vertical pole. We selected the highest quality jack available as our adjustment mechanism (7000 lbs. capacity jack) with a very low coefficient of friction. In addition, a gas strut unit connects the top of the vertical pole to the horizontal pole. The combination of the jack and strut unit allows young children the ability to easily adjust the hoop's height


  • The 6" x 8" pole and 3/16" steel thickness makes the Barbarian solid as a rock.
  • The steel reinforced backboard and extra tight pivots give a solid, true feel while providing added safety for the most aggressive style of play.
  • Many other in-ground basketball systems in the industry connect the backboard to the vertical pole using four 1" x 2" tubes, whereas our patent pending technology provides a 5" x 5" single pole connection to the backboard... Which is many times stronger.
  • We also laser cut our pivot holes, then ream them to precisely fit the bolts...providing a tight, immovable backboard connection.
  • Our goal was built to be the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing, residential basketball goal on the market.

    The Easiest to Adjust:

  • The crank moves in an easy vertical motion, adjusting from 5.5 feet to 10 feet, more than 4 times faster than other hoops in its class.
  • The height adjusts effortlessly due to state-of-the-art technology - a low friction connection, and a gas strut unit.
  • The crank lever can be removed if desired, leaving the hoop at a fixed height.
  • Ease of adjustment was always a critical component from the beginning of the design phase; we didn't cut any corners on this.

    A Clean Look:

  • The Barbarian is designed to be clean, simple, and STRONG. Compared to other units on the market, the look as well as the overall playability, is far superior in the Barbarian design.
  • The upper strut arms provide a superior platform for torque resistance.
  • Other systems use thin steel or no upper struts at all.
  • That type of configuration leaves the backboard full of vibration and movement.
  • The Patent # 7,320,652 Barbarian design also allows for the greatest horizontal load limit on the market. Most basketball goals have a load limit, such as hanging on the rim, of about 200 pounds. The Barbarian can handle over 700 pounds!
  • 100 percent made in the USA by top notch American workers.
  • Massive 6" x 8" main pole with 3"/16" steel thickness (7 gauge).
  • Steel reinforced backboard with upper stabilizing arms.
  • The full steel frame is around the entire backside of the backboard and the shooting square providing a superior rebound to any other system.
  • 1/2" clear acrylic or 1/2" tempered glass backboards, much thicker than the 3/8" offered by most manufacturers, providing a far better rebound to any other system.
  • Acrylic is 10x stronger than glass!
  • Removable crank.
  • Easy adjustment from 5.5', the lowest in the industry, to 10'.
  • Powder-coated steel not paint. We Zinc powder coat before our final black powder coat for extra rust protection.
  • The Barbarian uses a Schutt Bully Jr. Break away rim with a 5"x5" bolt pattern for NBA strength.
  • Full stainless steel frame around the entire backboard, much stronger and longer lasting than aluminum.
  • 48" overhang (distance from the pole to the backboard) at 10' and 5.5' (this is the standard distance in high schools, college, and the NBA)
  • 5"x5" 3/16" steel extension arm.
  • Aircraft grade stainless steel hardware and rivets not zinc-coated like most systems.
  • 1/2" mounting base plat attaches to four massive 1" bolts, not 5/8" like most manufacturers. This provides for a much more solid and stable basketball goal. These bolts are set
  • 10" apart, not 9" like most other systems. Again, this provides a much sturdier unit.
  • Through-the-backboard mounting for the rim, eliminating the possibility of backboard damage.
  • Gas strut height adjustment assist unit for easy raising and lowering of the backboard.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Backboard pad and pole included.

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