Welcome International Customers !

Welcome to the international page for eFamilyFun.com . While not everything we sell can be competitively shipped to all countries, we do pride ourselves on seeing well past the borders of our home market of the United States.

eFamilyFun.com is the retail arm of Global Merchants, inc. , where we engage daily in global transactions. Some of these transactions are raw material based, while others relate to the consumer markets. In both instances we bring  high degrees of professionalism and expertise. Lead by a 25 year veteran of high level trading house positions, we understand all of the special challenges in international trade.

While efamilyfun is a consumer website, international transactions are really only competitive for wholesale style transactions. To discuss your particular requirements, please call us at 1-203-702-1112 or email us at international@efamilyfun.com . We will be happy to offer against your requirements fob, cfr or cif. In certain instances, door to door freight may be available as well.

In order to meet the documentary requiremnts during export, a paperwork fee of usd180.00 is assesed on all export orders.

Payment options include TT in advance, letter of credit and Pay Pal.  Credit cards can only be accepted with high degrees of verification including but not limited to; a copy of the billing statement showing the billing address and verification from the issuing bank.

We look forward to helping you meet the recreational requirements of your market.

Thank you.