ICE - MLB Arcade Pitching Game

ICE - MLB Arcade Pitching Game

ICE - MLB Arcade Pitching Game
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ICE - Major League (MLB) Arcade Basketball Game

ICE is pleased to bring you Major League Baseball! Players find themselves on the pitcher's mound testing their speed and throwing accuracy as they play to win tickets and even take the high score position.

The game features stationary, pop out and spinning targets with random changing point values. Players accumulate their points by hitting these targets. Earn more points when a player's throwing speed is measured aiming for the "strike zone" target- perfect for the competitive players!

Major League Baseball is officially licensed and can be customized to any major league team of your choice.

Hit a home run with the addition of this new sports game from ICE!


Dimensions: 121" x 35" x 96"
Box Size: Box 1: 97'' x 41'' x 68'' x Box 2: 38'' x 43'' x 45 x n/a
Shipping Weight: 805 lbs.
Power: 110 V @ 6 amps

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ICE - MLB Arcade Pitching Game

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