4# Pool Solutions Stabilizer

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4# Pool Solutions Stabilizer

4# Pool Solutions Stabilizer
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Pool Solutions Stabilizer (90 - 99pct cyanuric acid) helps protect chlorine in pool water from dissipation caused by sunlight. Use if intense sunlight causes difficulty in maintaining a chlorine residual.

1. Clean and backwash the filter
2. Adjust chlorine level to 1-3 ppm with a shock treatment
3. Measure the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) concentration with an appropriate test kit. The     
    ideal range is 20-25 ppm. Do not exceed 100 ppm as chlorine effectiveness will be 
4. Determine dosage of stabilizer from the above table.
5. With circulation pump on, add stabilizer to the skimmer. Leave the circulation pump
    running for 48 hours.
6. Check the stabilizer level at least twice each year and add as needed.

10,000 Gallons - Add 1 Lb to raise 10 ppm
20,000 Gallons - Add 2 Lb to raise 10 ppm
40,000 Gallons - Add 4 Lb to raise 10 ppm

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