3# Pool Solution pH minus

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3# Pool Solution pH minus

3# Pool Solution pH minus
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Pool Solutions PH- lowers the pH and total alkalinity of swimming pool water. The proper range is 7.2 - 7.8. This range will allow your sanitizer to work more effectively, reduce equipment corrosion, reduce eye irritation and reduce skin dryness.

Product Use: Lowers pH of swimming pool water.

Directions: When the pool water pH value is above 7.8, as determined by the use of a pH test kit, add oz based on above scale of pH Down while pump is in operation, distributing it into the deep end of the pool (but not near metal fittings or the skimmer). Allow 6 to 8 hours for distribution of the chemical thorough out the pool, then recheck the pH.

3# Pool Solution pH minus

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