New Pac Man 25" 25th Anny-Coin Upright
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New Pac Man 25" 25th Anny-Coin Upright

New Pac Man 25" 25th Anny-Coin Upright
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New Pac Man 25" 25th Anny-Coin Upright

Pac-Man® Celebrates his 25th Birthday!

In honor of this outstanding vintage classic arcade game, Namco has designed a new Limited Edition Pac-Man 25th Anniversary model. This model features all three classic games: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The player simply selects which game they want to play at the start- during the Select Game Mode. Great for home or game room.


  • Big 25" color monitor
  • Game can be operated on coin-play, or free-play
  • Dimensions: 68" high x 24" wide x 33" deep
  • Operator Selectable Original or Speedy Pac-Man® and Ms. Pac-Man® game play
  • Operator Selectable Original or Rapid Fire Galaga game play

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