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Pool Frog

Pool Frog
the Low Chlorine, no Maintanence Pool Care !

Pool frog is a proven solution for reducing chlorine use and increasing the enjoyment of your pool. The Pool frog mineral system controlls bacteria, prevents algee and keeps the ph neutral so you can reduce chlorine use up to 50pct ! When  you reduce chlorine use, you extend the life of your liner, bathing suits and protect your eyes. Your pool will be crystal clear AND soft so you wil;l enjoy your pool that much more.

Pool Frog is extreamly easy to use. You just drop the mineral pack in the feeder and put in a BacPac. The mineral pack lasts the entire pool season. The bacpac will last between one and two weeks. Insteasd of working on your pool you will get to enjoy your pool with reduced chlorine, softer water and that clean sparkle that we all look for.

Follow these links to open the pool frog brochures for additional information:

Pool Frog Mineral Hybrid Brochure

Pool Frog Above Ground Brochure

Pool frog In Ground Brochure

Pool Frog XL Pro - In-Line I.G. Package
Pool Frog IG In Line Package
Pool Frog Bam - Algae Preventative
Pool Frog IG - Off Line Package
Instant Frog
Pool Frog I.G. Mineral Reservoir
Pool Frog AG In-Line Package
Pool Frog Bac Pac - Case of 12
Pool Frog A.G. Mineral Reservoir
Pool Frog Mineral Hybrid