Pool Table Shipping

Pool Table Shipping

Have you ever wondered how a ( fully KD ) pool table is actually shipped? How it arrives at your house and what you need to do to start playing? It is important to us that our customers are well informed, so this is our explanation of what you can expect:

1)    Typically you will receive one or two pallets that have the slate and table components strapped to it. The slate is in three pieces and is packed in a wood crate. The table components are boxed separately in 3 or 4 cartons. The picture at the bottom of this page shows a Black Night 8 foot table staged for shipment at our warehouse. What you see in the background are shuffleboard tables
2)    The cloth will arrive separately by UPS. This will just be an ordinary package that basically looks like a folded table cloth in plastic packaging.
3)    The heavy components will need to removed from the truck. We usually recommend that you break the pallet and remove the components one at a time. The slate carton can also be opened and each piece removed individually. Please remember to have help available to get the items off of the truck if you did not purchase inside delivery. These are very HEAVY components!
4)    Once all of the components are located in the room where they will be assembled, it is time to start putting the pieces together. The table will need to be assembled. The rails will need to be covered with cloth and the slate will need to be installed on the table. After the slate is installed, bees wax will be used to fill in any seams and then it will be covered by cloth as well.
5)    Congratulate yourself on a job well done and start to play!

The assembly of a table is a fairly time intensive operation but it is manageable for anyone that is reasonably handy. Roughly 15pct of our customers chose to assemble the tables themselves. For the remainder, we do offer installation services.

As always, please call us if you have ANY questions about what might work best for your situation. Our goal is to see you get the exact table you want delivered in the way that best meets your needs!