At eFamilyFun we have used our years of shipping experience to create best practices for our packing and shipping methodologies. On this page you will see a variety of pictures that show various products staged for shipment from our warehouse. Many of these products are on custom pallets that are created individually to meet each unique requirement.

  An air hockey table on a custom skid. Large MDF sheets covering the full face of the box are installed inside the package on both sides to protect against fork incursion and playfield damage. MDF gussets protect the aprons and corners


  Another air hockey table but this time shipping with a ping pong conversion top


A pair of woodbridge shuffleboards. In this case a 9' table and a 12' table

A 22' Telluride shuffleboard table. The first picture is of the two cradle halves. The next picture is of the playfield. These are not easy to ship and clearly require expertise. Take special note of the steel plates on the pallets. These guard against flex which can damage your playfield. It is an expensive modification but well worth it.

A pool table ( a black knight) on a custom skid ready to ship out. The slate is packed inside the wooden crate that is part of the assortment on the skid.

Another pool table

A bumper pool table

A Danbury 13 in 1