New Skeeball Classic 10' w/oTkt Disp.

New Skeeball Classic 10' w/oTkt Disp.

New Skeeball Classic 10' w/oTkt Disp.
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Skeeball Classic 10' w/o Tkt Disp

Now you can enjoy the game you love so much in the comfort of your own home. This machine is just like the arcade version without the ticket dispenser. All alleys are built to ensure minimum maintenance and enduring visual appeal. Skee-ball is microprocessor controlled and features nine different and exciting sounds which are triggered by scoring balls, gutter balls and high scores.


  • Single Ball System
  • 100 Point Bonus Pockets.
  • Fast Field Programming Features.
  • Unbreakable Lexan Display
  • Ball indicator display
  • Electronic components easily serviceable from the front.
  • Diagnostic features for maintenance ease.
  • Lexan Channel Cover.
  • Front Net Assembly
  • Dimensions: height: 80'' width: 30'' depth: 120''


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