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Demystifying Swimming Pool Care

Let's face it, your pool is supposed to be a source of relaxation. You want it to be ready for you when you want to use it, no matter when that might be. In fact this is a reasonable goal and it is easy to achieve with just a little bit of planing and a regular pool chemical treatment schedule.Before you get started on that schedule, you will need to be familiar with some basics

There are 4 basic areas to consider in arranging a care free pool. They are each described here in brief and then you can click through to the links that go into detail for each area:

  1. Circulation: Your pool water must be circulated on a daily basis. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. When water is in motion,it is harder for these organisms to take hold and effect your swimming environment. Circulation is also necessary to move water through your filter Your pool water should circulate at least 10 hours per day. Some people circulate constantly and for these folks we recommend a two speed pump so electricity consumption can be reduced. Click here to read more about pumps.
  2. Filtration : All of the work directed at your pool is centered on killing algae and keeping your water clear. As these organisms die, they need to be removed from the pool water. This is the purpose of your pool filter.There are three basic types of pool filters: A Diatomaceous earth ( DE ) filter, a sand filter and a cartridge filter. there are some significant differences in each of the filter types. Click here to read more about filters.
  3. Physical cleaning of your pool : Algae and bacteria can hide under a film or in out of reach areas in your pool. These areas need to be physically disturbed so that the film is broken and the pool chemicals can do their work. At least once a week makes sure you brush the sides and bottom of your pool. An automatic pool cleaner is also an excellent idea and a great way to cut down on the time demands of keeping your pool ready for you. Click here to read more about pool cleaning options.
  4. The last area to consider is the one that most people find very complex. These are the pool chemicals that are added to your water to kill off unwanted organisms and make your pool sparkle. These chemicals are consumed while they do their job, so you will need to develop a regular schedule of testing and replacing so that your swim environment is kept in perfect balance.There are lost of different chemical options and they are not all compatible with each other. For this reason pool care sometimes reads like a confusing flow chart. We will break it down into basic steps that will greatly simplify the choices. Click here to read more about pool chemicals.

This guide was the first step in simplifying your pool care. We hope that you will select the area that interests you and click through to learn more and see our associated product recommendations.

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