Why Shop eFamilyFun?

Why Shop eFamilyFun?

Why shop eFamilyFun ?

    • We love to talk to our customers! We live by the creed that if we can help you make an informed decision, we will earn your business.  Virtually every day we hear from customers who remark on how refreshing it is to reach a company that actually still wants to help their customers. In fact we want to help, we want to talk and we want to simplify the process for you. Give us a call, a chat , a tweet or reach us on Facebook. We are firm believers that growing the dialog with our customers is good for you and therefore good for us. Take advantage of our expertise!

    • We have our own warehouse in Connecticut and stock much of what we sell. This reduces customer frustration by improving order execution with improved shipping times,delivery estimates and product availability.During the peak holiday season we also warehouse in California in order to better serve our West Coast customers. Physical inventory is a key difference that separates us from our competitors, almost all of whom are drop shipping from someone else's inventory.

    • The eFamilyFun website is secure. All transactions are protected by 128 bit encryption. Simply put, this means that your sensitive data will not end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, our site is scanned every day by Yahoo to ensure that no malicious code has made its way onto our site ( it never has ). Lastly, we never sell any email addresses, phone numbers or other information. Any information that you provide is used only to complete your transaction and, if requested by you, for our internal mailing list.

    • eFamilyFun is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We are committed to being responsive to our customers and this is reflected in our rating. Please click on the BBB badge on the site to link to the latest report.

    • We continually work on improving our shipping protocols and reducing any incidence of damages. Since all shipments are insured, there is never financial risk for any of our customers should their purchase suffer documented damage during transit. Still, it is inconvenient and, without appropriate safeguards, happens in the trade more often than most people realize. As a result, we have a very active program in place to institute best practices from the warehouse level through the delivery chain up to your selected point of delivery. This has included hiring outside engineers to review our packing and palletizing methods and has lead to many significant changes. These include the use of steel plate reinforcements on select shuffleboards to reduce flexing,  as well as shipping all air hockey tables on end with internal protective sheets.  Lastly we now ship with ONE carrier almost exclusively. This means that they know our inventory, have handled it before and know how to keep it safe. It also consolidates our business with that one carrier and insures that our business, and your delivery, is important to them. Even with all of these efforts, sometimes things still happen, so please inspect your shipment carefully upon arrival before signing for receipt. For a full description on receiving your shipment, please look here. For pictures of some of our items staged for shipment please look here.

    • eFamilyFun is an authorized dealer for most of the best known brands in the industry. We put them side by side for you with expert guidance to help you understand the subtle, and not so subtle, differences. If you have questions, we have years of experience that we are anxious to share with you. Please call us toll free at 1-877-358-5579 and we help you navigate through the alternatives.

    Please look around the site, kick the tires and give us a chance to earn your business!
    Thank you