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Shuffleboard is a great game for people of all ages and a delight for families, friends, and loved ones. Invest in a shuffleboard table and add variety to your gameroom while enjoying countless hours of recreation and enjoyment, in all seasons, while improving your hand-eye coordination and reflexes - but most importantly, have a lot of fun!

Over the years, many people have expressed concern to us about buying a shuffleboard table online. In fact, purchasing a shuffleboard game table from eFamilyFun is far easier than buying from a store. Buying shuffleboard tables at eFamilyFun allows you to research each brand, compare reviews, and accurately match the style to your existing decor. From high quality economy models, to fully KD tables with two piece playfields for hard to access rooms, or top of the line pro tables with poured polymer surfaces and electronic scoring, we feature shuffleboards suited for any budget and game room. Please browse our extensive selection to find your ideal model. We carry a wide selection of Playcraft tables with both contemporary and classic styling, so there’s something for every setting.

We carry many high-quality shuffleboard tables from 9 feet to 22 feet, so please remember to measure the room for your table before ordering. Factor in extra space (about 3 feet on each end) for movement while enjoying the game with family or friends. Please also carefully consider the path needed to get the components into the room and remember that almost all of our tables are available with an optional two-piece playfield to improve room access. When considering how long a table to purchase, we always recommend going as long as budget and space will allow. This will ensure that the game remains challenging even as your skill develops over time.

All shuffleboard tables arrive unassembled with a base shipping option of curbside delivery. Since the tables are long, you will not be able to use the truck liftgate and need to plan on enough help to remove the shipment from the back of the truck. However, eFamilyFun is unique in that we offer higher level shipping and assembly options to suit your particular needs and budget (Geographic restrictions may apply). Every shuffleboard table we ship is protectively packaged providing for the safest transport from the warehouse to your home. Should you encounter any questions during your search, our knowledgeable industry experts are standing by, ready to help. They will guide you expertly through both the table options and the delivery process. Please enjoy your shopping experience at eFamilyFun. We are certain that you will find your perfect shuffleboard table.