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Woodbridge v the Georgetown

Woodbridge v the Georgetown

Feb 20th 2024

We are often asked to describe the difference between the Woodbridge and Georgetown shuffleboard tables. Since they look similar but are priced quite differently, it is a logical question. The most effective way to explain the difference is to start by describing the shared characteristics between the two tables.

Both tables share the same playfields. These are true vertical stave butcherblock that are edge glued with a high frequency glue machine and then milled to 15" wide and 1.75" thick. The payfields are then sprayed with a strong poly coating and shipped with pro style climate adjusters.

Both tables share the same basic construction for the structure of the tables. Plywood is used for the rails, since it is much stronger than the MDF that is typically used in other tables. Solid wood is used for the corners and leg posts, again for strength. 

The difference between the Woodbridge and Georgetown tables come down to finish details only. The Woodbridge is finished with a high pressure vinyl laminate and a PVC top cap around the top of the rails. By contrast, the Georgetown is finished with a real wood laminate and is hand stained with a burnished finish. On the Georgetown this includes a hardwood top cap around the top of the rails. 

Both tables ship with pucks, speed wax, an abacus scorer stained to match and a board sweep also stained to match.

Excellence in play is assured with both and equal in both. Just choose the finish style that compliments your decor. 

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